What to expect when you come to the lab

The day before your scheduled appointment, a research assistant will contact you to confirm your appointment and answer any last minute questions. For your visit, we have reserved a free parking spot for you directly in front of our building. A research assistant will meet you at your car and give you a reserved parking pass to hang on your rear-view mirror. We will then walk with you to the lab waiting room. Here your child can play with an assortment of toys, while a research assistant discusses the study procedure and informed consent document with you. Then, a research assistant will take you and your child into one of our three testing rooms. We can arrange for another research assistant to play in the waiting room with any siblings not involved in the study. You will be with your child for the duration of the study. To thank you for your participation at the completion of the study, you will be able to choose a prize for your child. Finally, a research assistant will walk you back to your car and collect the parking pass.


B.A.B.Y. Lab Frequently Asked Questions

 What ages of children do you study?

Currently, we are studying infants aged 2 months – 5 years. However, we are adding new studies all the time!

 How do I participate in a study?

Give us a call at (607) 254-BABY (2229), and let us know the age of your baby. We will schedule you for an appointment, and since we are open 7 days a week, you can choose a time convenient for you and your family. If your child is not currently within the age ranges for our ongoing studies, we can contact you when you do become eligible for a study.

I just received a letter from the BABY lab about one of your studies. How did you get my name?

We learn the names of new parents through birth announcements published in local newspapers. Also, we will contact you if you have responded to one of our ads in the Ithaca Child or other local papers, or if you have called after viewing one of our brochures.

How do I get to the BABY Lab?

We are located in Uris Hall. Directions

What about parking?

The BABY Lab has a free parking spot reserved directly outside of the building. It is marked by bright orange cones, so it is easy to see. A research assistant will meet you at the parking space when you first arrive. We will hand you a parking pass to put on your rearview mirror while you are in the lab, so you do not need to pick one up on campus. At the end of your visit, the research assistant will escort you back to your car, and collect the pass.

 Can I bring my other children with me to the appointment?

Yes. We have a waiting room filled with toys where they can play with a research assistant. If you are planning on bringing other children, we would prefer that you let us know in advance so that we can arrange for someone to supervise them.

Will I be with my child during the study?

Yes. You will be with your child the entire time.