Michael Goldstein

Jennifer Schwade 

Postdoctoral Research Associate – Active Learning Initiative


Samantha Carouso-Peck


Graduate Students

Steven Elmlinger

Mary Elson


Melissa Elston



Katerina Faust

Vivian Zhang

Vivian Zhang


Undergraduate Honors Thesis Students

Megan Waller

Megan Waller


Undergraduate Research Assistants – Baby team

Justin Alicea headshot

Justin Alicea

Miranda An

Sofia Carrillo

Sofia Carrillo

Ashley Chan

Zoey Costanzo

Katie Garrisi

Emily Jaye

Soumeeka Koneru

Heejin Lim

Chelsea McGowen

Alisha Nanji

Reade headshot

Reade Otto-Moudry

Hannah Tokish

Rondeline Williams

Rondeline Williams

Shelly Zhang

Kexin Zheng

Undergraduate Research Assistants – Bird team

zebra finch

Sophia Adams

zebra finch

Luke Detlor

zebra finch

Sarah Li

zebra finch

Molly Pazol

zebra finch

Claire Jones

zebra finch

Kelly Rodriguez

Lab Gremlins

(Wonderful students who enrich the intellectual environment of the lab and eat our cookies)

Emma Murrugarra

Graduate Lab Alumni

Samantha Carouso, Ph.D 2019, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Active Learning Initiative, Cornell

Gina Mason, Ph.D 2018, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cognition and Action Lab, UMass – Amherst

Kate Brunick, Ph.D 2014, (primary advisor:  James Cutting), Zero to Three

Rachel Albert, Ph.D 2013, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lebanon Valley College

Otilia Menyhart, Ph.D 2013 (co-advisors:  Michael Goldstein and Tim DeVoogd)

Kat Agres, Ph.D 2012 (co-advisors:  David Field, Michael Goldstein, Michael Spivey)

Lauren Emberson, Ph.D 2011, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Princeton University

Supriya Syal, Ph.D 2011, Chief Behavioral Scientist, The Innovation Hub of the Privy Council Office, Canada

Sarah Anderson– Ph.D 2010 (primary advisor:  Michael Spivey)

Undergraduate Lab Alumni

Charisse Black ’19.

Sofia Carrillo ’19.

Zoey Costanzo ’19.  Honors thesis:  The future of Ohio v. Clark:  Legal and psychological factors defining juvenile witnesses’ intent in out-of-court statements.

Katie Garrisi ’19.  Honors thesis: The effects of temporal structure on social partner identification.

Chelsea McGowen ’19.  Honors thesis: Parental influences on infant expectations and reward.

Priyanka Patel ’19.

Arianna Rizzi ’19.

Julie Zalinsky ’19.  Honors thesis: The effects of proximal behaviors on pair bond formation and maintenance in zebra finches.

Margot Werner ’19.  Honors thesis: Navigating identity changes: Developing a predictive model of successful retirement.

Monisha Afrooz ’19.  McNair Scholar.  Honors thesis: Observing the characteristics of depressed mothers in comparison to nondepressed mothers regarding speech with their infants.

Severine Hex ’18. Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  Honors thesis:  Life history as a predictor of language:  Investigating the driving factors behind convergent evolution upon a complex linguistic system.

Emily Jaye ’18

Justin Alicea ’18

Sara Schroer ’17.  Honors thesis:  on the varying social reward of adult interaction patterns:  A measurement of infant preference.

Arielle McDermott Amos ’17.  Honors thesis:  Social learning of a problem-solving foraging task in zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).

Stephan Bae ’17

Reade Otto-Moudry  ’17

Rondeline Williams ’17

Heejin Lim ’17

Sarah Riordan ’17

Clara Freeman – 16.  Honors thesis:  Relations between parenting styles and parental behavior: Implications for child learning.

Anna Fasman – 16.  Honors thesis:  Reexamining the video learning deficit: Differences in infant attention during in-person and video presentations.

Ian Prager – 16

Beth Brody – 16

Rebecca Goldman – 16

Emily Kremens – 16

Jenna Memmolo – 16

Anneliese Raymond – 16

William Wei – 16

Tabitha Kim – 15.  Honors thesis:  Developmental effects of arginine vasotocin on song learning in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata).

Claire Foster – 15.  Honors thesis:  Infant Social Preferences and Learning:
Does Social Affiliation Influence Social Word Learning in Toddlers?

Julia Ridley – 15.  Honors thesis:  Song Preference in the Female Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata): Bridging the Gap Between Song Learning and Function.

Sylvia Rusnak – 15.  Honors thesis:  The influence of infant social preference and partner responsiveness on infant video learning.

Emma Fitzpatrick– 14

Chantal Hoff– 14, Tanner Dean’s Scholar.  Honors thesis:  Revisiting cognitive mechanisms of morphological blocking in irregular noun plurals.

Brittany Jaso– 14.  Honors thesis:  Song learning in the male zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata):  The role of parental responsiveness.

Brenna McGuire– 14, Tanner Dean’s Scholar.  Honors thesis:  Infant word learning in socially crowded environments.

Emily Scarpulla– Ithaca High School research intern, 2013-14

Michael Schramm– 14

Ben Baum– 13

Jenna Chaffee– 13. Honors thesis:  Perceiving infants’ babbles: The acoustic properties used in the categorization of infants’ vowels.

Lucas Chang– 13, Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  Honors thesis: Distributional learning of categories in infants: From phonemes to actions

Adam Kroloff– 13, Merrill Presidential Scholar.  Honors thesis:  Infant word learning in chaotic acoustic environments.

Haerin Lee– Ithaca High School research intern, summer 2013

Yi Li– 13 Honors thesis:  Real-time effects of adult song contingency on zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) vocal learning

Jessica Mesick– 13

Riku Moriguchi– 13

Kim Shao– 13

Glenn Stewart– 13

Alex True– Ithaca High School research intern, summer 2013

Taylor Udell– 13

Frederique Verly– 13

Maggie Yang– 13

Tracy Anastas– 12

Lauren Bigalow– 12, Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  Honors thesis: The perception of goal-oriented action sequences:  The role of statistical learning in action understanding

Julia Bleier– Ithaca High School research intern, summer 2012

Emily Coon– 12

Emily Choi– 12

Raymond Chou– 12.  Honors thesis:  The Role of Social Interaction in Catalyzing Real-Time Changes in Song Development of the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

Erica Everest– 12

Lauren Kurlander– 12

Alexandra Bradley– 11.  Honors thesis:  The reward value of social interactions

Sarah Edmunds– 11, Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  Honors thesis:   Infant word learning through video:  Contingency and the organization of attention.   Winner, best undergraduate poster, International Conference on Infant Studies.

Rachel Elkin– 11.  Honors thesis:   For whom do infants babble?  A test of socially guided vocal learning with biological and non-biological social partners

Nicole Kardassakis– 11, Merrill Presidential Scholar.  Honors thesis:   Intransitive verb learning in 2.5-year-old children:  The effects of variation sets and multiple exemplars

Jane Klinger– 11

Jamie Mash– 11

Erin Tower– 11

Marlene Wang– 11

Melanie Wegener– 11.  Honors thesis:   Effects of adult song contingency on juvenile song in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) vocal learning

Rachel Healy– 10

Fiona Kirkpatrick– 10.  Honors thesis:   Social and non-social mechanisms of early communicative development

Sora Lee– 10

Jeanna Pagnotta– 10.  Honors thesis:   The social signal value of multimodal infant-directed speech

Linka Preus– 10

John Xu– 10

Rachel Clabby– 09

Amanda Curry– 09

Melissa Frankel– 09, Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  Honors thesis:  The impact of gender on parents’ teaching of novel object labels

Mary Gilliam– 09

Emily Laucks– 09

Setareh Omran– Hughes Foundation exchange student, summer 2009

April Ryles– 09

Maryam Sajed– 09

Theresa Tan– 09.  Honors thesis:  A new look at infant preference for infant-directed speech

Ashley Zydel– 09

Rachel Brandstadter– 08

Jesse Northrup– 08

Alissa Worly– 8.  Honors thesis:   How parents see the world:  top-down perception and embodied cognition as potential explanations for perceptual changes that occur with parenthood

Fern Baldwin– 07

Casey Berson– 07

Jacque Briesch– 07.  Honors thesis:  Protoconversation during joint attention:  Does babbling signal a readiness to learn?

Mi Hae Chung– 07

Angela Narayan– 07.  Honors thesis:   Exploring infant vocal learning in interactions with non-human receivers

Laura Vollmer– 07.  Honors thesis:  How infants use vocalizations in social interactions

Sara Abelson– 06.  Honors Thesis:  Measuring grandparental care using nationally representative survey data:  An empirical test of predictions derived from evolutionary theory

Carmel Dibner– 06.  Honors thesis:   Eliciting infant-influenced speech

MuYoung Kim– 06

Andras Szeles– 06.  Honors thesis:   The influence of implicit and explicit attitudes about gender on parents’ selection of toys  for their infants

Betsy Halliburton– 05

Erica Moran– 05

Jeremy Smith– 05